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Characters are ghosts - either AU or OC - of people native to an ambiguously fantasy-medieval provincial setting. They begin with fuzzy or only personal memories (for example, they can remember the names of their families and what they did for a living, which country they lived in, etc., but not what the government had been doing at the time). The more events unfold, the more "reminders" they receive of who they once were, the more of the world is "re-discovered".

In the process, characters can relocate and reclaim their bodies - with any magic (positive or negative) that they may have had access to or that may have been inflicted on them in life!


- The wicked necromancer empire is attempting to enslave or otherwise use them... Why would they keep making more ghosts after characters start to break away?
- It's actually the result of progress, not wrongdoing! The beginning village is a wizards' or scholars' village looking to be able to commune with the dead in order to understand the past. The effort/magic behind it gets a little carried away.
- They were cursed and/or mages in life, which has interfered with both their body's decomposition and their spirit's detachment from it - "incorruptible corpses".
- They do still have a "bond" to their bodies, and are being revived to save them and their bodies from being misused by necromancers/paranormal sect fanatics/etc.


Will take most of its influence in both setting and mythology from medieval to Renaissance France, Germany, etc.

Magic and its practice isn't unheard of in the world. Countries/states tend to have very strict rules, ideals, and institutional structures for it. Villages and cities can be either all-mundane or with local wizards, Howl's Moving Castle style - other places are wizard colonies. Relationship with the government all depends on state. Religious/spiritual cults, monsters, etc. are all acknowledged and respected - in a way that's shown/officially treated differently, likewise, between places and subcultures.
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Alexandra Roivas - 2
Pious Augustus - 18
Ellia - 13
Anthony - 27
Karim - 18
Dr. Maximilian Roivas - 26
Dr. Edwin H. Lindsey - 15
Paul Luther - 32
Roberto Bianchi - N/A
Peter Jacob - N/A
Dr. Edward Roivas - 25
Michael Edwards - N/A

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